For as long as I can remember, Creativity, Nature and Spiritual practice have been important to me. Even as a small child I can remember feeling a sense of deep connection when I was amongst the trees or gazing into the liquid eyes of a horse. I felt that they (the trees and the horse) could see into my soul, see who I really was.

Rooted in contemplative and monastic traditions and the spirituality of the Iona Community, of which I am a member, I draw inspiration and wisdom from many faith communities, including the Sufi and Druidic paths. My passion is to accompany people as they discover the Mystery at the heart of their own souls and what that experience means to them.

My life’s journey has taken me many places and through many experiences. I have always been drawn to come alongside people, whether this was as a nurse or later as a psychotherapist. Traditional psychotherapy which focussed on talking about problems did not appeal to me. I was fortunate to train at the Institute of the Arts in Therapy and Education in London and this opened up the world of symbol and image in a wonderful way. Dance, music, art and poetry were all part of the therapeutic process. In recent years this has evolved and now includes working out in Nature, learning from the other than human, especially my Healing Herd of four horses. The Celtic Wheel of the Year has become a living container for my life and work.

Creativity has always called to me, despite years of feeling paralysed by an inner critic who insisted I stay small. Since deciding to follow my heart and not listen to that voice, I have discovered art to be a portal to the spiritual realm. Training and working alongside teachers such as Sheri Gaynor of Creative Awakenings, Flora Aube of The Art of Allowing Academy and Christine Valters Paintner of The Abbey of the Arts has taught me to let go of trying to create a product. Instead, through mindfulness practices and spiritual enquiry, an image is allowed to emerge, bringing with it messages that inform, heal and bring transformation.

Professional bio

Whenever I book to go on a workshop or to work with a teacher, I like to know what their experience and qualifications are. I want to know that they are trained in ways to keep situations, and me, safe!

Here are my credentials

1995-1996 Certificate in Counselling Skills

1996-1998 Diploma in Humanistic Counselling

1998-1999 Certificate in Therapeutic Application of the Arts (Institute of the Arts in Therapy and Education)

1999-2004 Masters Degree in Integrative Child Psychotherapy (I.A.T.E)

2003 Introductory Level of Theraplay

2005 Intermediate Level of Theraplay

2005 Level one Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAGALA)

2008-2009 Somatic Trauma Therapy

2011 Human and Equine Alliance for Learning (Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy) Approved Facilitator and Instructor

2012 Creative Awakenings (Expressive Arts) Approved facilitator

2012 Nature as Co-Therapist.

2013-2014: Certificate in Environmental Arts Therapy (London centre for Art Therapy

2014-2015: Certificate in Nature Based Practice and Eco-psychology

2015: Level one and two E.F.T AMET Accredited

2016: Chakradance facilitator

2016 Creating Ceremonies Course with Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling

2016 Art of Allowing Approved Facilitator

Current: I am currently finishing my accreditation requirements as a facilitator for The Nature Process.

Alongside these trainings I have attended many workshops and retreats and taken part on on-line programmes focussing on personal and spiritual growth.

When responsible the coordination of the Iona Community’s healing ministry for eleven years I facilitated yearly retreats on Iona. I provide training and supervision for Social workers, foster carers and residential workers and provide creative workshops for spiritual groups of all sorts and from all traditions. I am a member of the Wisdom Council for the Abbey of the Arts, an on-line monastery dedicated to the contemplative way of life and the expressive arts.