I work with individuals, couples or groups. Individual sessions can take the form of mentoring, spiritual accompaniment or psychotherapy. Sessions are typically between one and three hours long with half and full days intensives available.

One to one painting experiences following the Art of Allowing principles are two days long and costs include all materials. (See my Art Gallery)

Workshops and retreats are designed specifically for individual groups so that they receive as much as possible from the experience. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

We will use embodied practice to explore our connection the Wild. Nature based practice; Expressive Arts; Following the Wheel of the Year; Sacred Crafting; Ritual and ceremony for life transitions and marking the Way; Dancing with our Chakras for healing; Listening to the wisdom of the Herd….these are all portals that help us step into our true Wild Soul. The part of us who remembers that we are not just part of Nature. We are Nature.

You can choose one of these offerings or a combination of many. The choice is yours. You can start with one and flow into another. Follow the Call that is unique to you. The call of YOUR Wild Soul.