In your quiet moments do you find yourself glancing at the sky, or watching a tree sway in the wind. Does the sight of light dancing on water stop you in your tracks? Do you feel that something is missing as you go about your life, juggling home and work, the demands of a technology driven life that promises instant connection but leaves you feeling isolated and yet bombarded?

Are you someone who has care of other souls? A therapist, pastor, teacher, social worker….or perhaps someone who just cares deeply about the state of our planet and marginalised peoples of our world. Do you feel burnt out, passionate yet powerless?

It is time to stop. To stop and listen to what is calling you. When we live lives disconnected from our authentic Wildness, we live a life that relies on effort, on limited resources. We can become overwhelmed and depleted. These times are our Teacher, showing us that we need to reconnect. Teaching us that we need to listen to Call of our own Wild Soul, a call that calls us home. Home to ourselves. Home to our body. Home to connection with All That IS.